Trial Lawyer

When it comes to litigation, experience counts from start to finish.  Tim is a Bend, Oregon lawyer that has extensive civil and criminal litigation experience, both in the courts and in arbitration throughout the state of Oregon.  He tried his first jury trial over 25 years ago.  It is Tim's trial experience that enhances and educates his practice as whole.  What happens if there is a breach, or if we don't settle?  The answer to that question is often, litigation and trial.  Whether drafting a contract, or issuing a demand on an insurance company, Tim's trial experience provides valuable guidance.  Not only does Tim understand the rules of procedure in Oregon, but when it comes to litigation he leaves no stone unturned.  His investigation of the facts and the law are thorough and exhaustive.  When looking for a Bend, Oregon trial or litigation lawyer call Tim Elliott.

If you need a Bend, Oregon litigation attorney or an appellate lawyer in Bend, Oregon call Tim Elliott at (541) 647-1408